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Rad Seals and Rad Wrap Ties


Padlock Seals - These padlock seals consist of wire and a plastic security seal that can be used in a variety of applications: Meters, Tote Boxes, Doors, Trailers, Bags, Pouches. These padlocks are made from polypropylene and the wire clasp is made of stainless steel. The body can be stamped with name, logo or numbers (7 digits). Wire can be scored (hand removal) or unscored (wire cutters). Available colors: Yellow, red, green, orange, white and black.

Rad Wrap Ties - These Rad wrap ties are a dual tie wrap.  The are the color yellow and custom legends are available upon.

Model Item Name Price Request

Rad Seals

Padlock seal, Yellow with red print "Caution Radioactive Material" plus trifoil, Stainless wire, Specify scored or unscored, Minimum order...

Min:  5000

Rad Wrap Ties

Rad Wrap with dual ties and magenta print to read: Caution * Radioactive Material.  Custom legends are available with a minimum order of 1,000....

Min:  1000