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Advanced Pedestrian Guidance

APG is equally suitable in any industrial or construction environment where simple, fast deployment of a very long barrier is required. Simply position and extend APG in one direction to form a strong, highly visible safety barrier. The caddy posts can be positioned to create a barrier of any shape (U, square, right angles). The patented Tensabarrier ® retractable belt cassette enables a fast setup and take down. 




* Footprint: 40.55” x 30.31”

* Height: 3’5”

* Individual Weight Post: 26.45 lbs

* Trolley with 4 posts: 150 lbs.

* Ribbon colors: yellow/magenta, yellow/black, other colors available


Features and Benefits: 

* Single direction deployment for fast and efficient set up.

* 4 caddy’s can extend up to 105 ft (32 meters).

* Large diameter wheels make the unit easy to move and maneuver with locking wheels for added stability.

* Trolley and caddy system is compact and easy to store

* Robust steel frame delivers durability in harsh environments

* Chemical resistant and hard wearing rubber wheels and hand-grips.

* Cost effective way to manage pedestrian movement while maximizing customer satisfaction

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Advanced Pedestrian Guidance System (APG)

APG system with steel trolley includes 4 each 25' retractable posts with yellow/magenta ribbon.